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Built on the basis of RDAP, whois-ip.com provides a variety of information, enabling quick business processing.

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Basic Information

Whois & RDAP

Collect information directly from Regional Internet Registries (RIR) or National Internet Registry (NIR) using the RDAP protocol.

Information from the old Whois method and other IP information provider services was sometimes inaccurate.

In the future, you should also change the method of using the RDAP protocol to look up IP address information.

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We will continue to add features

First of all, we are working to make it possible to intuitively view various information of Virustotal.

It is good to use a site that can inquire the reputation information of IP and inquire about vulnerabilities and infections of the web server.

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multiple Queries

We will continue to add features

I'm trying to be able to run multiple queries at once. We expect it to be much faster than the original method.

It will save you a lot of time and effort if you can lookup a lot of ips at once from time to time.

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